A new era for mobility has arrived in Greece and it is called electro-mobility.

Electric cars, are the new world trend in mobility, with major benefits both for the environment and the quality of our lives.

Therefore, the world’s largest car industries have already started producing many new models, giving consumers more options towards electric alternatives.

Electric cars are gradually starting to appear in Greece and it seems like they are here to be part of our daily habits.

e-mobility advantages at a glance

  • Ιn order to move, electric cars use electric power, which is stored in their batteries, thus they don’t burn any kind of fuel. They are environmentally friendly since they don’t emit pollutants therefore they improve the quality of the air we breathe.
  • Maintenance costs are much lower that the contemporary cars, since they don’t need oil refills, new filters, new spark plug, etc.
  • If you own an electric car, you won’t have to pay any road taxes and you can move in the traffic ring without restrictions.
  • Electric cars are soundless, fast and driving them is a real pleasure.
  • The motives to buy them are also remarkable. For the cars, the subsidy reaches up to the 20% of the car price, with a 6.000 euros limit and a 500 euros bonus to install a charger, plus 1.000 euros to withdraw your older car.


Anytime, moves towards the e-mobility era

Anytime supports innovative ways of mobility and welcomes the new era, by insuring electric cars as part of the current proposition.

As a team, we offer solutions that meet peoples’ needs and ease their lives making our world a better and safer place. Now, electric car owners have no reason to worry about the insurance of their new vehicle, since they have the ability to make the best choice!

electric cars

How can I insure my electric car with Anytime


You can insure your electric car with us quickly and easily, following a similar approach to any other vehicles.

The process is simple!

  • Enter our website, anytime.gr
  • Fill in your car characteristics, choosing the brand, the model and zero c.c (cubic centimeters) to make us understand that this car is an electric one
  • Then, select the insurance plan and the coverages that meet your needs and you are ready to go!

Insuring electric cars is just the beginning for us, since we plan to create a charging station network in our premises (22 spots allover Greece), along with supporting more ways of mobility in the city that ease our everyday lives and advance safety.